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4k Monitors for Computer Enthusiasts

Computer enthusiasts will never have enough pixels on their PC monitors. The extra resolution of a 4K monitor eliminates all the dot structures and you get a clear detail. This new technology does not come cheap. First-generation monitors are selling at $2000 minimum. However, there are smaller models which are retailing at $500.

4K doubles the standard resolution to 3840*2160 both horizontally and vertically from the usual 1920*1080.In the film industry, movies are shot with 17:9 aspect ratio at a resolution of 4096*2160.In personal computers, the common resolution is 3840*2160 which applies the 16:9 aspect used in 1080 pixels.

4K is the resolution desired by every PC game enthusiast. Monitor and television manufacturers have adopted 4K as the term to promote as an alternative to Ultra HD.4K is the next step in monitor technology. Most people have accepted the 1080p as practical resolution because those televisions and monitors are affordable and you don’t require an expensive graphics card to enjoy games at that resolution.

Some technology enthusiasts today use 30-inch monitors at high resolutions of up to 2560*1600.To a common user, that seems like a huge upgrade from 1920*1080.However, a Radeon R9 or a GeForce GTX is not overworked by 2560*1600 gaming. Modern computers have multiple GPUs that come with impressive capacity. Because of technological advancement, it’s now time to move to 4K.Future machines will definitely run on 8k which will quadruple the pixels. There are vendors such as NVidia who have demonstrated resolutions that exceed 4K.


We want hard drives with larger storage capacity and we are looking for computers with larger displays. Better resolution can be achieved in a 4K monitor. The level of detail that can be seen on the screen improves with increase in resolution.

Pixels per inch (PPI) varies according to the size of the screen. For instance, the Google Nexus 5 mobile phone has a 4.95–inch display with a 1920*1080 resolution that delivers an unbelievable 445 PPI.There is no doubt that the PC industry needs to improve the level of detail in the standard monitor, and 4K is the pathway to progress. You can even buy one using bitcoins.

Some new 4K monitors have impressive PPI.Their displays which are created to enhance gaming perfection and incredible clarity.The Asus PQ321Q has a resolution of 3840*2160 on a 31.5-inch display. Another fancy monitor is Dell UP2414Q with a 24-inch display that delivers 185 pixels and shrinks your icons while retaining their clarity and sharpness. The new Asus PB287Q LCD comes with a 28-inch display that delivers a modest 157 pixels. The increase in PPI for these monitors results in more screen detail.

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