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Decorative Uses and Ideas for a Diamond Plate

Diamond plate is best known as an industrial solution to settings such as stairs, walkways, ramps and catwalks because of its anti-slip texture. The lightweight material is also commonly used on firetruck footplates, ambulance interiors as well as trailer floors because of its inherent non-skid properties. The metal stock’s usefulness doesn’t stop there. It may be used in corrosive environments and more interestingly as a home improvement decorative material. Polished aluminum and plastic variants of the material are recommended for home improvement purposes.
When zeroing in on its decorative properties, diamond plate is in fact a flexible and versatile material you can use on floors, walls, posts and as accents to your home’s existing decor and theme. Even the Air Force is doing it! The raised diamond or line patterns provide both aesthetic and practical appeal. As mentioned, the added texture minimizes slips and skids while the overall appearance adds a sleek and modern impression. Below are some ideas worth considering if you’re decorating your home using diamond plate:


Kitchen – Whether as a backsplash panel, counter or cabinet door material, using diamond plate is an excellent idea. The shiny aluminum variant, in particular, will add the added glitter that you want in your kitchen walls or cabinets. You may then add accents of your choice to add more vibrancy to the look.

Home Gym – In addition to gym floors made of diamond plate, you may use the material as molding or frame around the mirrors. It is an excellent accent and contrast to a wall painted in a more vivid color.

Bar – The checker design of the plate would also look great as a board bar or post. The shiny appearance of the aluminum-made plate will inject just the right dose of sleekness to any minimalist or modern-style home bars. 

Stairs – If your stairs have always been slipper, replacing them with non-skid diamond plates may just be the perfect solution. Again, the checkered design will take care of the aesthetics while the added texture resolves any slip problems.

Bedrooms – Having a diamond plate floors in your bedrooms may not be your best idea but you can use it as wall accent like a strip of the material in one wall and as doors to cabinets especially in boy’s bedrooms. 

Ceiling – Depending on the type of style you wish to achieve, the material may also be used to cover one part of the ceiling for added flare and uniqueness to any room in the house.

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Author: WorldLinkTV

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