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Go back in time with vinyl!

Vinyl records might seem extinct nowadays, but actually they are in great demand again! The fact is that you can not replicate the sheer sound that these incredible turntables can emit. Because of this, you might be thinking why don’t people just get great speakers for their house instead?

Well the problem is that to replicate the sound of turntables, you will need speakers that cost you in the thousands of dollars. That is not worth it at all, especially when you can have your favorite vinyl record and the player at under 500$.

Vinyl Records To Keep An Eye On

If you do own a turntable, you are probably thinking of dusting it off and using it right away right? Well, unless you’re an aspiring DJ, you will need to have some records to play. Here are 3 records that you need to own today:

1. Any album by The Beatles: The Beatles are an iconic band and whether you like their type of music or not, it is absolutely meant to be played on vinyl. The sound of their songs is superb and it is something cool to talk about when you have company over.

2. Paramore’s Aint It Fun: This is a newer release from our time, and it sure is cool to have. Why is it cool to have you ask? This record is actually broken, on purpose of course, and only 12 inches. It is definitely a must have and it will work just fine on your turntable!

3. Led Zeppelin’s In Through The Out Door: We need to throw some rock and roll in this list right? Led Zeppelin’s ‘In Through The Out Door” actually comes in a brown plastic bag ( cheap right? ) but is nothing short of collectible. Furthermore, the sleeves of the record actually change color when you put water on them! This is very unique and a must own for record fans.

We hope this list made you a believer of vinyl and you will go out and get your own today! If not, then stick around to your mp4s and pray that one day they will reach the quality of these “outdated” pieces of music.

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